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FAMAGA always strives to provide the best prices and timings of supplies for its customers. We sell only original equipment and spare parts, although we are not always the official distributor or manufacturer's dealer. All displayed trademarks and part numbers are the property of their respective owners.

Euchner is a global leader in the development and design of switchgear for motion control systems in mechanical engineering and other industries. The company was founded in 1940 by Chief Engineer Email Euchner in Stuttgart, Germany. Engaged in the development and manufacture of switch devices that are responsible for monitoring movement in industrial systems and structures. In 1952, the company invented and manufactured the first multi-row limit switch in the world, which marks a watershed moment in the history of modern automation. In 1953 the corporation moved to Leinfelden. In 1994, the manufacturer manifested itself in machine tool construction, the company specialized in protection systems, the company follows this direction to this day. In 2003, the company celebrated its 50th anniversary, by this time the company already employs 360 people, the company has 10 sales branches and 18 sales offices. The company's annual turnover has exceeded 50 million euros. 

Today the headquarters are located in Leinfelden, Germany. The company is managed by Mr. Stefan Euckner. The firm employs over 400 people worldwide. Of these, 320 employees work in Germany. Kopmaniya has sales offices in such German cities as: Chemnitz, Dusseldorf, Essen / Dortmund, Frankfurt, Freiburg, Hamburg, Hannover, Munich, Nuremberg, Stuttgart. In addition, there are 14 branches in the UK, Benelux, Brazil, China, France, Switzerland, India, Korea, USA, Spain, Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary. The company has 26 official representatives all over the world.

The fundamental principles of the company are reliability, accuracy, quality, and commitment to new ideas. "More than safety" is the main motto of the company. The product range is so wide that it covers both electromechanical and electronic components as well as complete system solutions. Such a wide range of products allows us to offer our customers technology to implement individual solutions. This can be both equipment and security systems for automation, as well as accurate and reliable positioning.

Euchner products are widely used in many industries:

  • mechanical engineering;
  • machine tool building;
  • packaging;
  • metallurgy;
  • chemical industry;
  • woodworking and paper industry;
  • transport;
  • systems engineering;
  • others

Position switches EN 50041

These mechanical switches are designed in accordance with the European standard EN 50041. The use of corrosion-resistant materials, precise manufacturing methods and a high degree of protection guarantee simple and reliable operation in the most difficult conditions of use.

Identification systems

Inductive identification systems are used for the non-contact identification of products such as tools, product carriers or containers in the entire manufacturing and logistics sector.

Portable suspension stations

The functions of the machine can be monitored and controlled decentralized using portable pendant stations. In addition to the control function, the portable pendant stations can also have a safety function.

Hand drives and joysticks

Euchner manual drives are used primarily for positioning CNC axes. Different pulse frequencies and output stages allow these devices to be suitable for all control systems. Complete freedom from maintenance is ensured by the use of the HKB / HKC / HKD series of wear-resistant magnetic locking mechanisms. Joysticks are always used to control movement depending on the direction of manual control. Joysticks are used in the steel and construction industries, transport and conveyor systems, mechanical engineering and many other industries.

Emergency switches

Emergency switches, in accordance with the EN 1088 standard, aim to prevent the operation of the machine in case of danger. The safety loop must be opened with the safety switch. A distinction is made between switches with an integral drive (with protection function) and with a separate drive. Emergency switches with a separate drive are also available without door locking. Switches are available in metal or plastic housings.

Security systems

Safety systems from Euchner also meet any complex requirements. The systems combine sensor, evaluation function and safety relays in one solution. They are available with magnetic coding, transponder coding or for use with bus technology. MGB security system - Everything under control! MGB (Multifunctional Gate Box) is a unique interlock to protect the security doors of machines and systems. Even a basic system containing a manual module and an assessment module includes numerous functions. Whether it is locking, latching, unlocking or other functions such as start / stop buttons, emergency stop, etc. - MGB meets all your requirements for safe use. And if your needs grow, the MGB system can grow with them. Due to its complex modular design, an evaluation module can quickly become a small operator panel.

Safety relays

For monitoring safety components, Euchner supplies a wide range of safety relays. Can be used up to category 4, PL e. A large number of options with several different types of modules. Various voltage ranges.

Interlock switches

A manually operated interlock switch is used wherever personnel must work directly in a hazardous area on machines and systems that are running (for example, during installation). 3-stage function. The unlocking function is only active in the second stage (middle position, trigger point). If the button is released or pushed even further (alarm function), this allows, depending on the wiring, to see the functional sequence.

Emergency stop devices

Machines and installations can be stopped quickly and safely with an emergency stop device in case of danger. According to EN ISO 13850, the emergency stop function is a function that is designed to prevent impending danger to personnel, damage to the machine during operation, or to alleviate an existing hazard. All of this should be triggered by just one user action. This requires control equipment that is equipped with a red button. The emergency stop function is generally used for safety purposes only, in addition to directly acting safety functions. Safety function actions: for example, safety switches on safety doors that can be closed without conscious action by the user.

Cable Tension Switches

The cable tension switches are also emergency stop devices. Unlike emergency stop switches, they are used when necessary to protect large hazardous areas. The operating range is much greater than that of the emergency stop switches, since the operation is possible along the entire length of the cable and not only in a small area within the reach of the switch.

Multiple and single position limit switches

Suitable for use in harsh industrial environments. These high-precision, robust switches feature a compact design and are ideal for positioning and control applications in mechanical and systems engineering. A very wide range of applications is available due to the flexible configuration of these devices. Their high quality guarantees exceptional mechanical wear resistance. Single limit switches have been developed in close cooperation with machine tool builders. High quality materials, a combination of proven technologies, high precision and practical design guarantee easy operation in all industries. The various designs cover a wide range of specific applications.

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